About audience segmentation on the example of fitness center promotion

Segmentation is the division of the audience of your product according to certain characteristics.
As a rule, there are four indicators of such fragmentation: demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral.

Segmentation is necessary for your marketing to be more effective.
Simply put, audience segmentation allows you to, first, tell those who need to know about your product.

Secondly, and most importantly, it allows you to tell about your product exactly what is important to the individual user (in that segment).

Very often the same product can be used in different ways to fulfill different needs of different audiences.
This means that you need to tell different audiences about it in different ways.

For some people, one product feature will be decisive in their purchase, while for others it will be something else.
This is what segmentation is all about.

Let’s look at a practical example

We had a project to promote EMS fitness services. At the time of work it was a completely new and little-known direction in fitness.
Therefore, the offers “Another new fitness center has opened” did not work very well.

The audience segments in this project were formed based on the key features of the EMS fitness service itself.
Two main ones were identified for the test:
1. You can recover and continue to stay fit with significantly less physical effort than traditional fitness;
2. this type of fitness requires much less time.

Then, based on these features, the audience types were formed.
Thus, we received a list of a dozen types of users who might prefer EMS-fitness to traditional fitness (or even start practicing) after learning about the peculiarities of this type of training.

For each segment, we prepared different offerers. Their important feature was that the images on the creatives corresponded to the segment as much as possible.
That is, the user for a second of viewing the advertisement “recognized himself in it”.

For example, one of the segments was “young moms” who were offered a relatively easy (function #1) way to regain their shape and figure after childbirth.
In these offerings, we weren’t talking about fitness. We were talking about recovery, which is appropriate even if labor was difficult.
The images on the creatives were also not about sports, but about beauty. About the end result.

Or the segment of female senior executives or business owners. They were asked to pay attention to saving time (feature #2) to keep themselves in shape.
It’s the same – speak to your audience in their language. Want to get in shape but don’t have the time or ability to exercise regularly? There’s a solution!

One more point. The most effective test settings for targeted advertising (on social media) were without “sports, fitness, workouts” interests.
The interests and behaviors were narrowly tailored to audience portraits.

And it worked!

And do you want to test segments to promote your business?

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