Search for clients for a brokerage carhauling company

Product of promotion:
Small Transport (Cars, Boats, Motorcycles) carhauling enclosed trailers Company (USA)

Project features:
The project is promoted on Facebook and Instagram. On average, there are 12-15 posts per month and 2-3 stories per day. The posts relate to the daily routine of the service and are aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.
All posts are additionally promoted by targeted advertising campaigns. Individual campaigns (with message optimization) are targeted to potential customers.
There are also Google search campaigns on a regular.
A feature of the project was additional requirements for the search for drivers. Campaign settings had to accommodate these requirements while not violating U.S. advertising laws.

Project results:
We have an average of 70-80 requests from new customers from Facebook and Instagram every month. The average cost is $10, average conversion to order – 25%.
Google receives an average of 35-40 conversions worth up to $16. The average conversion into an order is 35%.