Search for clients and staff for the workshop

Product of promotion:
Local car repair shop ( Chicago, USA) of services for the maintenance and repair of pickups and trailers.

Project features:
The project is promoted on Facebook and Instagram. On average, there are 12-15 posts per month and 2-3 stories per day.
The vast majority of posts (70-80%) relate to the daily routine of the service and are aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.
The rest is aimed at attracting car mechanics, whose recruitment is in periodic need.
All posts are additionally promoted by targeted advertising campaigns. Individual campaigns (with message optimization) are targeted to potential customers.
There are also Google search campaigns on a regular.

Project results:
We have an average of 30-35 requests from new customers from Facebook and Instagram every month. The average cost is $17.
Google receives an average of 10-15 conversions worth up to $40. But they convert better into orders compared to social networks. So the higher price is justified.