Traffic for iPhone wholesale buyers

Product of promotion:
Apple distributor.

Project features:
The project started with test campaigns on Facebook and (VKontakte).
Considering the initial budget size, campaigns on led to the Customer’s website, where the traffic was already converted into requests (through the form on the website). On Facebook, the campaign was conducted only to collect leads.
Advertising in MyTarget ( was planned to be launched after determining the effectiveness of Facebook and VKontakte channels.

Project results:
Ads on VKontakte was suspended after 3 weeks of testing, which resulted in the cost of the application being 7-10 times higher than the required one.
It was decided to resume testing other targetings (advertising settings) on VK after testing MyTarget.
Campaigns on Facebook turned out to be much more effective – depending on the settings, the cost of a lead (application) ranged from $0.5 to $2.4, which is an excellent indicator in terms of the set KPIs.