Attracting participants to the webinar (Facebook, Instagram)

Product of promotion:
Training company for public speaking (Ukraine).

Goals / Tasks of the project:
Attracting new participants to a free webinar with the subsequent sale of paid company products to them.

Project features:
Attracting to a free webinar was a pilot project for the company – before that, paid Products were always sold immediately.
Recently, head-to-head sales have been declining (CPS has been increasing), so it was decided to introduce new tactics.
Audiences are configured based on the existing customer bases (LAL), as well as those similar to the Facebook pages and Instagram profiles that previously interacted with posts.

Project results:
About 80% of those who registered were at the webinar.
About 10 Products were sold through the webinar with an average cost of $42 ($420 worth).
ROMI of the project is 526%.