Search clients for a moving company

Product of promotion:
Local company (Chicago, USA) moving (relocation) and junk removal services.

Project features:
At the time of the beginning of our cooperation, the company already had experience, but was not fully represented online.
Therefore, the first stage of work was preparatory:
– the basic identity of the company (colors, fonts, logo) was prepared;
– site creation;
– creating a Facebook page and Instagram profile;
– preparation of content plan for publications;
– creation of advertising cabinets and setting up;
– analytics settings.
It is important that the demand for customer services is seasonal: it is spring and autumn. Work on the project began only at the end of August, so the active phase with advertising campaigns actually lasted a little over a month.
We have provided Customer Relationship Management consulting, after which applications became even more profitable.
Then the project was suspended until the spring of next year.

Project results:
About 70 requests were received with an average price of $4.29.
Advertising orders received at least 10 (average price not more than $ 30).
Thus, the cost of creating a site, service fees and advertising costs were fully profitable given the revenue from orders received.