Full marketing services for transportation company

Product of promotion:
Transport logistics company (USA).

Project features:

At the beginning of cooperation, the client’s company was already working online, but regular systematic work was not carried out.

In addition, the previous contractor was not given access to manage the site, so the site had to be redone.

Certain features of the project were related to the rules of advertising vacancies on Facebook in the USA: such advertising has very limited opportunities to customize audiences.
In order to be able to use all the tools of the audience, it was necessary to select such wording of the texts of advertisements and banner inscriptions, so that there was no explicit invitation to work.
As a result, approximately every second campaign required additional (manual) moderation, which increased the time to run campaigns.

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Project results:
About 70% of the leads are considered relevant by Client.
The average CPL (for the relevant) was around $17.