Outbound traffic to store on Etsy marketplace

Product promotion:
Children’s furniture online store (Ukraine)

Features of the project:
The main feature of the project was the absence of a connected Google Analytics account to the store.
This is due to the fact that, according to the client, the store was a test one and another one could be used as the main store in the future.

This should add to the complexity of understanding the effectiveness of advertising.
On the other hand, only one campaign for each of the selected countries (Western Europe) was running at the same time. No internal Etsy advertising was used.
Therefore, it was possible to assume with great probability that sales in each of the countries are mainly the result of advertising from Google.

In addition, the promotion included a few products (up to 10). Each product was promoted by a separate ad.
In general, it was even possible to calculate the estimated cost of sales (CPS).

Project results:
The average conversion of traffic into sales was at the level of 25-30%, the cost of sales (CPS) did not exceed $4.
Taking into account the cost of the setup service, the ROAS of the project was more than 1:10.

The project was halted due to the start of a full-scale invasion (February 2022).